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Life Management/Simplification and Deleting 24k Emails

I’ve recently been listening to a couple of podcasts called cortex and hello internet. They both feature a gentleman who makes youtube videos called CGP Grey. He is very interesting to listen to 1) because he has a nice radio voice and 2) He has a reputation for being very organised ┬áin how he works and arranges his life. From listening to some of the podcast episodes, I’ve become aware of how cluttered my digital life has become. It’s time for a clean up.

I started to try and delete some of my email that had built up in my gmail account. I’d accrued 37,000 email with 16,000 unreal. The main reason is that I’d signed up to a lot of newsletters and services. I found a way to select all emails from a particular sender and then delete them all. So I’ve started being ruthless and deleting a lot of things that I used to keep because ‘I might need it someday’. Well I’ve realised that if I really need it then I can find it somewhere online. Things like links to webinars I’d signed up which i thought I’d need links to. Now I’m forcing myself to save those links out in a document.

After this email cleanup is done, I will start to organise all of my hard drives.

I never realised how much it affects my state of mind. It’s quite polluting and distracting knowing that its all just there. So from now on I intent to keep up on this and follow some of CGP Grey’s advice on how to deal with a lot of email. The secret is to deal with it immediately, ie delete it, or categorize it and save it for later.

I’ll come back in a couple of weeks and update on how it goes!

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