Daniel Elliott

Resources to getting started in 3D Graphics/VFX

I have had a few people ask me how they can get into VFX or 3d graphics. I have compiled some resources to help guide people along their journey….

A little Taster….


This first link is to a uk website designed to help young people know what skills they need coming out of school to be able to go into the computer graphics industry. It does a really good job of describing a lot of the different areas of CG and what you might be most suited for. The pdf linked to is a great breakdown of all of these areas.



Double Negative is a VFX company that has some videos on their website for people who are thinking of getting into VFX.




There are also lots of book you can get. Sometimes its hard to know which one to get. The author of one of the books has made a list of popular books which you can check out.



Free Courses and Videos


Udemy/Autodesk course


This is a free video course online that takes you through some industary standard tools to get you started.



Siggraph Introduction to 3d Graphics

Introduction to OpenGL

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